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Travel with tuba, the solution?

  As all tuba players know, travelling with our piece of metal is a challenge. Damages like dents in the bell, twisted bell, damaged valve section and a broken case are just a few. At the airport we need to pay extra, wait in line to check the special luggage, wait for the oversized luggage to arrive etc etc.


Sound is nothing. Music is everything.

I am SICK and tired of all the emphasis on sound quality in music competitions.


Playing unmusically is as bad as playing in the wrong key

When someone with a great sound or not, unconsciously break every musical rule in the book, it hurts. My entire body hurts and I want to cry! I can't stand it! Imagine listening to a hornist playing an entire Mozart concerto in E when the orchestra plays in Eb. That how it feels.


It’s not magic – A note on practicing

I once gave a master class with a gifted student in Taipei, Taiwan. There were six other students in the room followed the class, and at one point in the class we recorded the student’s performance of the first movement of the Vaughan Williams concerto while he played with a metronome. After listening to the performance, we agreed that a lot of things were good but in one particular 16-note passage the performer was obviously dragging.


Electric tuba

My first experiences with something that could be called a home studio were my neighbor’s ancient stereo tape recorder. I borrowed it because it allowed me to record and play back my tuba playing. But more important, it made it possible to record one track, and then record a second track while listening to the first allowing me to record duets with myself!


The new Miraphone E-flats

I was asked in 2001 by the president in Miraphone, Markus Theinert, to participate in the development of a new e-flat tuba. We set out to make the tuba of my dreams.


Tuba the light instrument

Self-contradictory? Both yes and no I would say. We are, of course, talking about the heaviest instrument in the orchestra, but please bear in mind that there is a huge difference between heavy weight and heavy playing! Compared to a grand piano the tuba is roughly 30 times lighter. No one expects the piano to sound heavy just because its a huge instrument. So, why does tuba so often sound clumsy and big?


Heard these CDs?