Home after a hectic trip around the world

Date: 16/06/2014

First a trip to India May 16. To the Norwegian Embassy in Delhi that has invited me to play a solo concert to celebrate the 200 anniversary of the Norwegian constitution. Then, two hours after the last tone was played in India, directly to Canada to do the same for the Norwegian embassy in Ottawa.


I also had time for a concert with the Maple Leaf Brass Band the day after. Then immediately down to Bloomington, Indiana, USA, to play a recital at ITEC. International Tuba and Euphonium Conference. Friday May 23 I performed a world premiere of my own tuba concerto in an arrangement for brass band. After ITEC I had a few days to relax on Bahamas before heading for Quebec in Canada and the music camp Domaine Forget.
The best part: the tuba made it home in one piece after five weeks 17 flights and 28.639 kilometers!



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So I am doing this TEDx talk tomorrow. We did a test run today and it ran 1 minute 13 seconds too long. Although the organizers loved the performance I've been told to cut something. Should I cut text or music?
Here is how I think: The reason I am doing the talk in the first place is to win people over, to make the audience excited and to love the instrument. I am not trying to teach them tuba history. I leave that to people with a passion for that. I've got passion for music so I think I'm going to cut a few words.
Am I doing the right choice?
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Getting ready for my first TEDx talk on Sunday. My Passion for Tuba in 12 minutes, including music.
When preparing for the talk I searched for “tuba” on the TED web page. I got three results.
1. “Marking Tuna”🤔
2. “Doctors on Cuba”🤔
3. “Solar energy”🤔🤔🤔
It’s about time we get some REAL TUBA out there.
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Looking forward to yet another trip to USA.
This year's Octubatour Schedule:
24. Western Michigan University - master classes
25. Western Michigan University - Recital
Contact: Jacob Cameron (jacob.cameron@wmich.edu)
26. Valparaiso University Center for the Arts
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Contact: Richard Watson (219-716-0863)
28. Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago
Contact: William Russell (wm.r.russell@gmail.com)
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