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Lip beat

How do I learn to play Lip Beat?


The fifth valve

I would like to know what the extension for the 5th valve on the CC does? I know it is suppose to make it a whole step lower but thats with the regular tuning slide for the 5th valve. I’ve yet to know what the extended slide they included does. Could you explain?


Posture and body positioning

I have trouble getting enough air in. What do I do wrong?


Low register

I am having trouble playing good in the lower register and pedal notes? Do you have any tips to help me?


What tuba?

What tuba should I buy?


Multiphonics – general

How do I sing and play at the same time? Ten steps to mastering multiphonics.


Vowel changes in multiphonics

Oystein, I’m working on Fnugg but am having trouble getting a convincing-sounding E vowel sound, esp when there’s a quick E-O-E. In other words, it sounds more like I don’t know how to do multiphonics rather than a deliberate change in timbre. Also, I’m having difficulty in getting a good slap bass sound w/the lip beat. I can’t seem to do it w/out getting at least a piece of one partial or another. Any suggestions?


High register

My name is Andrew and I’m a 16-year-old, Australian, Tuba enthusiast (and a bit fan of yours!). I’ve been playing my BBb Tuba for about 2 years now and my tone in the middle and lower registers is alright, however I’m having trouble developing a nice tone in the upper register (things start to go wrong at about G top space in the staff). I was wondering if you had any tips for achieving this notes in the higher register. I’ve also been told that there’s a certain amount of “natural ability” involved with these notes, which as you can imagine, could be quite disillusioning. What is your opinion on this? Is hard work just as good?


Lip positioning

Where should I place my lips on the mouthpiece to get the best possible sound?


Heard these CDs?