Sonata Concertante

I. Allegro II. Andante molto moderato III. Molto allegro
Composer: Morten Gaathaug
Durata: 19 min
Recorded by Baadsvik on CD: Tuba works
Year: 1992
Arrangements available in the following instrumentations:
Tuba and Brass Quintet

With its vigorous, often three-tone based themes and simple harmony, this is music which lets diversion take the lead. Nothing is at risk here but the music itself, which is almost cheeky in its immediate simplicity.
As the title indicates, this is a work which draws on the sonata and the concerto. It is a kind if concerto in a chamber format in which the solo voice emerges both holistically and integrated in the ensemble and as such plays both with and against the five other instruments. The work har three movements, fast-slow-fast, which are played without an intermission. The first movement has three parts: the first part presents three clearly defined themes which are then handled concertante in the second part, after which the first two return in the opposite order in the third part. The second movement is far more contemplative in mood and has a more recitative melodic system, while the third movement clearly has the character of a rondo. It has six divisions ABACAD with an introduction and a coda, and B and C appear to pursue the triplet-based theme from A, while D presents new material. The movement concludes with the close-cropped introductory subject. This music was written for Øystein Baadsvik in 1992.

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Fnugg Red on Hong Kong "national" TV. Ben Pierce and I was interviewed and played a world premiere of the duet version of Fnugg Red last week. Much fun!
Sheet music available here: http://www.ovationmusic.com/fnuggredeuphoniumandtuba
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Last week’s Asia Tuba Euphonium Festival at the Chinese University of Hong Kong featured around 50 players from Norway, the United States, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. While they were here, tuba players, Øystein Baadsvik from Norway and Benjamin Pierce from the United States came in to talk to fellow brass musician, Ben Pelletier. ASIA Tuba Euphonium Festival 2017 #ØysteinBaadsvik #BenjaminPierce #Tuba #Euphonium #LowBrass #Multiphonics #LipBeat #Fnugg

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Looking forward to the Asia Tuba Euphonium festival this week! On my way to Hong Kong. ... See MoreSee Less

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The bell of the tuba fell off (!) while I walked off the stage in Canada yesterday. In front of a horrified audience I chased the bell as it bounced over the stage. I managed to grab it just before it rolled over the stage edge. Incredibly there was no damage to it. Not even a small dent. Solid german quality from Miraphone!
Backstage, my friend Lance Nagel immediately awarded me the No-bell prize 😂
Must remember to tighten those screws next time...
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